Ask Questions. Send gifts. Build your brand. Win customers.

Gain customer insight, understand your market, improve product and drive sales

Ask Questions Send Gifts Build Your Brand Win Customers

A Product & Brand Awareness Platform

WorkSends is a platform with surveys and gifting at its core, designed to help FMCGs, enterprises and brands perfect their message, drive growth and engage with customers


Understand your customers, market and product.

How: Surveys, prototypes, one-to-one chats and digital focus groups.


Product & software reviews, enhanced customer input and UGC.

How: Samples, demos, data capture and list creations.


Acquire new customers and increase market share.

How: Incentive gifts, marketing materials and data-driven ABM.


Strengthen bonds, enrich trade and amplify messaging.

How: Onboarding, demos, trade-shows, socials and client gifting.

Research, Review, Sell, Engage

One software, limitless possibilities

Take control of every campaign and discover the many ways sending gifts and samples can grow your business

Surveys & Forms

Surveys & Forms

Generate leads, gain feedback and ask questions with surveys.

Incentive Gifts to Boost Sales

Incentive Gifts to Boost Sales

Offer eGifts as part of your sales outreach to increase response rates and close more deals.

Client Engagement Gifts

Client Engagement Gifts

Engage with clients throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle with meaningful gifts.

Win Reviews

Win Reviews

Gather fast feedback and measure variant preference with cost-effective incentive campaigns.

B2C & B2B Sampling

B2C & B2B Sampling

Streamline sampling and reach more prospects with far less fuss to your team.

Onboarding Packs

Onboarding Packs

Create, store and send custom branded onboarding gifts to new clients and staff.

Gain Meaningful Insights

Develop Meaningful Insights

  • Discover hidden depths of data amongst your customer base and uncover their product preferences, priorities and concerns.
  • Drive sales by measuring customer interactions at each and every touchpoint.
  • Use customer segmentation to collect more data, fine-tune consumer targeting and improve marketing performance.

Packed Full of Features

Brand and customise every touchpoint Integrate with your CRM Fully control your spend and permissions Enjoy stress free fulfillment
  • Brand and customise every touchpoint
    Create unique user journeys and custom landing pages that capture your brand.
  • Integrate with your CRM
    WorkSends can hook into all of your management tools to maximize efficiency.
  • Full control of spend and permissions
    Manage the budgets of every team member and monitor their spending.
  • Stress-free logistics
    WorkSends handles the entire fulfillment process whilst providing total oversight.
Give your Sales & Marketing a big advantage

Give your Sales & Marketing a big advantage

Test the effectiveness of your marketing, discover innovative ways to generate leads, and see dramatic improvements in your outreach and pipeline with incentive gifts.

Build customer relationships that last

Build customer relationships that last

Measure, analyse and improve customer experience, through surveys and gifting. Identify unsatisfied and at-risk customers, benchmark performance and give a reason for them to stay.

Give Your Team A Voice

Give your team a voice

Feedback, onboarding and exit surveys, welcome packs, reward schemes and thank you gifts, all designed to help you retain talent. Increase engagement. and improve productivity.


Create, curate and customise gifts with the power to transform your working relationships.


Store everything securely in our warehouse, ready to send whenever you need.


Keep track from store to door with our easy-to-use software, so you can focus on the giving.

Gifts with Impact

We don’t just source gifts, we make them too. Discover beautiful and practical items that make a lasting impression.

Trusted By Great Companies

Trusted By Great Companies Trusted By Great Companies Trusted By Great Companies
Think of us as your gifting agency

Think of us as your gifting agency

Take the hassle out of gifting. You will have a dedicated account manager and access to our in-house design team, allowing you to create compelling campaigns that make your job easier and more effective.

No more GDPR headaches

No more GDPR headaches

We know how important security is to your business and its customers, so we ensure we use the best tools to keep your data safe. We work with Amazon AWS, which provides our customers with extra network and server security.

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