Ask your customers the right questions and make data driven decisions

Ask your customers the right questions and make data driven decisions.

Understand your market, product and customers, capture feedback and generate leads.

Why send surveys with WorkSends?

WorkSends is the only platform that allows you to build surveys, incentivise recipients and develop campaigns based on the results.

Create Branded Surveys

Create branded surveys with our user-friendly survey builder or work off dozens of templates.

We handle all the fulfillment

Incentivise recipients through eGifts, samples or physical gifts. We handle all the fulfillment.

Gain actionable insights

Gain actionable insights through intuitive analytics and build marketing & lead lists.

Create loyalty and increase sales

Create loyalty and increase sales

  • Validate and test advertising concepts and creative executions by testing them with a sample of your target audience.
  • Perform market research that will feed into your marketing strategy. From brand awareness and pricing surveys through to target market and segmentation surveys.
  • Generate leads by incentivising potential customers to take part in surveys. Utilise insights for future marketing and sell direct to your warmed leads.
Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

Listen to your customers, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spend.

  • Identify at-risk customers, segment customers by loyalty, discover customer loyalty drives and benchmark performance through NPS surveys.
  • Build data across different customer segments, understanding what drives each customer type and how to manage relationships more effectively.
  • Engage with high value customers early. Provide onboarding gifts and follow up with surveys to build unique data that can be used to improve their CX.
Empower product teams

Empower product teams

Don’t guess your customers’ needs, make them part of your product development.

  • Attain product feedback prior to build and continue after launch. Understand exactly what users want and demonstrate your ability to listen.
  • Understand what features to prioritise, ensuring you make the most of your development budget.
  • Don’t risk growth with overpricing and profit with underpricing. Understand what customers are willing to pay with pricing surveys.
Give your employees a voice

Give your employees a voice

Retain talent, increase engagement and improve productivity by listening to your employees.

  • Empower managers to improve employee engagement by asking the right questions and acting on insights in a meaningful way.
  • Gather feedback that will help make your onboarding process the best it can be for future starters.
  • Gather the thoughts and feedback of those leaving in a constructive manner through exit surveys.

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