Nurturing lasting relationships with meaningful gifts

Nurturing lasting relationships with meaningful gifts

Connecting to others is the heart of good business. That’s why we make it easy to find meaningful gifts that spark incredible relationships. Boost engagements, supercharge your pipelines and keep your workforce happy.

Create Your Sends

Create your Sends

Build gifts for onboarding, milestones, sales incentives and more. We’ll create your items and store them securely for year round sending strategies. You also get access to limitless POD designs for impactful personalisation.

Stay In Control

Stay in control

Call the shots with specified budgets and allocated team member access. Whatever the size or length of your campaign, enjoy flexibility and control.

Send With a Few Clicks

Send with a few clicks

Send and schedule your gifts through WorkSends and never miss a moment. Make special requests and add personalised messages. Don’t have the address? Simply send your recipient a link instead.

Access hundreds of thoughtful gifts

Access hundreds of thoughtful gifts

We don’t just make gifts, we source them too. Discover hundreds of items from makers worldwide or mix and match with your custom swag. Use your portal to see your gifts and choose your packaging.

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